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GRUPO ELASTO was established on December 23, 1997 when Póplast was created with focus in the production of micronized resins for application in the shoe industry, among others.

By adding the experience acquired in the market of micronized resins and rotational molded parts to the professional expertise of its partners on film extrusion, Elastosul Filme was founded on April 24, 2008, with the objective of meeting the requirements of a new trend in the market of fabric coatings among other segments.

With the conquest of the domestic and foreign markets as one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive thermal films, the need of enlarging the company came and so it fostered the installation of Elastonordeste Filmes on April 11, 2013, in Itatim city, within the Footwear Industrial Pole of Bahia.

Thus, GRUPO ELASTO has worked in the development of technological solutions for the manufacture of adhesive thermal films whose utilization has been replacing the application of micronized resins and fluid adhesives as well other processes to join materials like sewing itself as an example. Practicality, uniformity and reduction of the process time are outstanding features of such technology that guarantee the final quality of the products with ELASTO brand.

Besides the line of adhesive thermal films, GRUPO ELASTO has kept its original profile so that it has enlarged the premises of mills for the production of micronized resins. Such process allows the utilization of disposable resins with a relevant ecologic appeal due to the reallocation of waste materials in the production chain.

The rotational molding line is an additional business unit of GRUPO ELASTO that has a specific plant for the production of plastic parts manufactured by the rotational molding process with own engineering breakthroughs and development of projects and molds.

For GRUPO ELASTO, it is a pleasure to count on you partnership. Therefore we put ourselves at your disposal through our commercial and technical departments and offer the support of GRUPO ELASTO structure in order to meet your needs.